Invest in Blue

Equipped Officers Are Essential for Safety

IMPD Lt. Matt Morgan shares his experience of using the Trauma Kit to save a young girls life.


Public safety is crucial to the overall health and prosperity of any community, and the safety of our officers is critical to this effort. While public and tax dollars fund many of the needs of officers on the street, private funds must be leveraged to meet increasing protection and safety needs.

Following the tragic death of Officer Perry W. Renn, the 8-year-old son of one of his shift mates asked the question most community members do following the loss of an officer: how can I help? This young man started fundraising efforts to secure high quality ballistic vest plates for Officer Renn’s colleagues, resulting in over $20,000 in community donations. CIPF hopes to build a fund to provide these resources as needed throughout Central Indiana. Your donation could provide live-saving dividends.

To outfit an officer, the cost is approximately $600 and your inVESTment can make a critical impact, allowing our officers to have the highest quality protection.

An additional resource we provide for officers is the Trauma Kit. With any injury call, Police Officers are typically the first to arrive. The Trauma Kit gives them several tools to quickly attend to individuals who have been hurt. We have heard stories from Officers who have helped save lives with various items in the Trauma Kits. These kits cost $100 per kit. Your donation for the purchase of these kits would impact lives in a positive way.

If you have questions, please contact the CIPF Executive Director at (317) 536-1402.

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