Samaria Blackwell Memorial Scholarship Application

About Samaria

Samaria dreamed of becoming a police officer. She was named after the Good Samaritan, a story told by Jesus about loving your neighbor, a trait she displayed at a young age as she sought to serve people in an outpouring of her faith and her genuine love for others. Intelligent with high marks in school and the ability to quickly solve puzzles, riddles and real life problems. Fun loving with a sharp wit she was always quick with a joke and and had a special gift to lift the spirits of those around her with humor.

Samaria was always at the center of the uncontrollable laughing in a group setting. Tenacious and driven when competing at anything from playing cards to who could sing the loudest with her passion being sports, she was particularly fond of basketball and soccer.  A naturally gifted athlete that even in the midst of a hard fought competition never lost sight of the truth that people really matter.

It was Samaria’s compassion for others and that sense of humor that allowed her to make friends everywhere and with everyone, even the opponent mid game. Samaria served as a lifeguard at Indy Parks for several years as well as coaching teams for the youth leagues at Indy Parks. She loved helping people form the really little kids to the elderly as she often used her free time in the service of others. The story of the Good Samaritan tells of how a traveler took in, helped, provided care, protection and loved others even when it wasn’t considered right or proper at the time by others in the story. Samaria in her life exemplified the precept of loving your neighbor just as the story in from which she was named. A very special young woman with all the opportunities of the world before her who was tragically taken to early it was Samaria’s compassion and love for her fellow man was that driving the next chapter of her life, the desire to become a police officer and live out her lifelong dream of protecting and serving.

Samaria was called home with Jesus on April 15th, 2021. A troubled young man and former employee of Fed Ex took his life and 8 others including Samaria. We are honoring her and keeping her legacy through this memorial scholarship.

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