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CIPF’s Trauma Kit Project

TraumaKit2On July 10, 2008, Officer Jason Fishburn was shot in the line of duty on the near eastside of Indianapolis. Officer Fishburn sustained a gunshot wound to his abdomen, which was stopped by his bullet resistant vest, and a gunshot wound to the head. Responding officers were able to begin emergency medical care on the scene of the shooting as the result of an officer having a prepared gunshot trauma kit. As a result, Officer Fishburn survived his injuries and has gone on to defy medical predictions about his possible recovery.

The Gunshot Trauma Kit effort was officially launched by The Father’s House under the leadership of Dr. Christopher Holland. The church provided the initial investment for gunshot trauma kits to the 200 patrol officers on the East and Southeast side. However, upon learning of this grassroots project, CIPF and the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 86 reached out to Pastor Holland and his staff to activate the project and develop plans for its continued sustainability.

Through community donations, and the support of businesses such as Wellpoint and the Indianapolis Colts, CIPF’s initial goal was exceeded and life-saving kits were provided to all 1,500 IMPD officers, as well as officers from Speedway, Beech Grove, Cumberland and the Airport Police Department, among others.

The work is not complete, however, in that more IMPD officers are being hired and trained to meet the needs of the community, and other agencies throughout Marion County and beyond also have need. CIPF partnered with the Indiana State Police and Department of Natural Resources to assist in efforts to provide kits to their officers throughout the state.

Together, we are confident we can continue the impact of this critical project and uphold our commitment to Officer Fishburn and all those officers injured or killed in the line of duty. Each kit costs approximately $100, but can save the life of an officer or community member. To make a contribution, please visit our donation page today.


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