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Who would have ever thought the whole world would be mandated to wear masks day in and day out for more than a year?

We do what we need to do to keep our officers and citizens healthy and safe.

At the start of the COVID Pandemic, masks were difficult to find. Manufacturing could not keep up with the demand. Many companies reduced their work force which further dampened availability of protective equipment.

Early on the Lawrence Police Department reached out to us to see if we could fund some reusable masks. The writing was on the wall that this ‘mask wearing’ was not short term. CIPF reached out to a local company who designed and manufactured the masks with the LPD name.

A few months later we worked on creating the gaiter style mask that could be used by any department. These seem to work well for officers, as they can easily move them up and down as needed without dropping and losing them. We did a trial run of 50 of these to make sure they held up. The first round produced was a hit. We produced another 500 of these and distributed them to many departments in our territory.

IMPD Master Patrolman Mike Hodge models our CIPF gaiter masks.

Lawrence Police Chaplain Mel Keaton wears his custom reusable mask provided by CIPF and the Lawrence Rotary Club.

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