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Code One Fund for Injured Officers


Code One: two of the words officers dread hearing the most.

Signifying that an officer needs assistance, police officers rush to the scene and do whatever is necessary to help their injured brother or sister in blue. The Central Indiana Police Foundation (CIPF) established the CODE ONE FUND in order to help provide resources and support to officers injured in the line of duty and their families. Our goal is to demonstrate to officers, especially those who suffer traumatic injuries serving our community, that there is indeed a community standing behind them in support. The brave men and women in blue put on their uniforms each day and set out to risk their lives for the protection and safety of perfect strangers. Thousands of officers are injured in the line of duty annually–nearly one officer is injured every 35 minutes. Fortunately, many of those officers are able to return to duty after recovery, but this is not always the case.

In June 2012, Officer Santos Cortez was conducting an investigation when his police cruiser was hit by a drunk driver. The force propelled his car into an intersection where it was struck by an oncoming truck. The incident left Officer Cortez paralyzed, and forever changed the lives of his family of six. Officer Cortez has since undergone over 20 surgeries and countless hours of painful rehabilitation, spending the majority of his time over the last two and a half years in a hospital.


In the process of searching for a home when his traumatic injury occurred, all of the family’s resources have since been dedicated to Officer Cortez’s recovery. This family embodies the reason CIPF established the CODE ONE FUND. They need support to meet the gap between the mortgage the family will carry and the cost of a safe, fully accessible home that will provide the family with hope and a successful future.

FishburnsWhile attempting to apprehend a suspect wanted in connection to three earlier homicides on July 10, 2008, Officer Jason Fishburn was unaware that he was about to fight for his life.  The suspect opened fire on Officer Fishburn, who sustained near fatal shots to the head and chest.  While doctors said he was not likely to survive, Officer Fishburn continued to fight for his life and ultimately walked out of the hospital.  Officer Fishburn underwent two complex brain surgeries due to his traumatic brain injury.

Despite world-class medical care and a warrior spirit, Officer Fishburn suffers from partial paralysis and  impaired cognitive abilities.  “The Code One Fund is important to our family because it is a reminder that we are not alone,” Officer Fishburn’s wife Tonya explains.  “We know that we still have the support of the community and the Central Indiana Police Foundation as we face future challenges adapting to life with a traumatic brain injury.”

Injured officers and their families not only need our community’s continued support, they deserve it. Tax-deductible donations to CIPF’s CODE ONE FUND will allow CIPF to provide continued ongoing support for officers who make life-altering sacrifices on our behalf. To learn more about how you can show your support of those who walk the thin blue line, make a tax-deductible contribution using the form below or contact our Executive Director, at 317.536.1402.

The Central Indiana Police Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization (EIN 46-2417255). Generally, donations to CIPF are tax deductible for federal income tax purposes. However, donations designated to benefit of a specific individual, such as Officer Cortez or Officer Fishburn, are not tax deductible. Therefore, donations to CIPF will not be earmarked solely to benefit Officer Cortez or Officer Fishburn. CIPF may use the funds for the benefit of Officer Cortez or for other charitable purposes consistent with CIPF’s mission.

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