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2020 Overview-How We Served


Everyone knows that 2020 was a strange, difficult year. We did not meet all of our originally planned goals. But that was okay. We were forced to pivot and provide support in new ways.

With the pandemic, riots and the loss of a local officer, we did the best we could to help our men and women know they were appreciated.

We set out to provide hot meals to officers who were working long hours with no time for days off. We managed to provide 6,000 hot meals to Central Indiana Law Enforcement Officers. In some situations, we utilized a food truck to set up during each shift’s lunch time. It safely brought the shift together (masked) to relax and enjoy a meal together.

Our next endeavor was to place out door yard signs at every department’s entrance whom  we serve. There were two different messages of encouragement. We placed over 160 yard signs at our local departments. Recently we visited a couple locations and found the signs were still on display!

Several officers were exposed to COVID as a result of their job. We had sponsors help us provide groceries to 78 COVID positive Officers. We received several notes thanking us for this. The idea that we were thinking of them seemed to mean the most.

Over $8,000 in grant money was given to officers who were critically injured on the job or suffering with a debilitating illness.

Believe it or not, we managed to raise several hundred thousand dollars to build a facility for the IMPD K9 unit. They had been sharing a small office space and training at various borrowed locations. Now they have a home to call their own.

These are just few of the things we were able to do to support our Central Indiana Law Enforcement Officers in 2020

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