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Traditional Family Outing Turns Tragic

On Saturday, September 9, 2017, a traditional family outing ended in tragedy when the family of IMPD Officer Paul Suiters was critically injured in a traffic accident.  Paul’s wife, Anita; their son, Frankie Dean; their daughter, Tiffany; and her son (Paul’s grandson), James; were all injured and taken (Anita was life-lined) to Methodist and Riley hospitals.  Obviously, this is an overwhelming tragedy that begins a long road to recovery, including multiple hospitalizations, surgeries, and physical therapy.

Paul is an Army veteran and has been part of IMPD for 18 years.  He is devoted to his family, our country, and our community.  He and his wife are devoted parents, foster parents, and grandparents.  Paul is a Reserve Officer, so his income comes from working part-time, which he is unable to do while caring for his family, even as medical bills, and their other bills, are mounting. Part-time does not continue to pay when you are unable to come to work.  Paul is a very humble man, but he needs our help.

If you would like to make a donation to the Suiters family, please direct your online donations to the Central Indiana Police Foundation (formerly the Indianapolis Police Foundation) at www.cipf.foundation (select Suiters Family in the drop down) or by check or cash at the Central Indiana Police Foundation office at 1525 South Shelby Street, Indianapolis, IN   46203.

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