Say Thank You! Sponsor An Officer

Our men and women in blue need your support. Assist us in making sure they know our community believes in them and appreciates all they do for us.

We invite you to think about all the officers you personally know and seriously consider sponsoring them as a way to show your thanks and honor them as a founding member of our endowment.  Each will receive a challenge coin and note from you (or you can choose to be anonymous) when we reach our goal. Some of you may be inclined to sponsor entire departments, cities and/or towns.  If you do not have a particular officer you want to sponsor, just let us know a number of officers you can fund and we will choose them for you!

Here is what you do:

  1. ENTER AMOUNT –  Type in the denomination in hundreds to show the number of officers you want to sponsor. 1 Officer= $100, 2 Officers = $200.
  2. COMPLETE FORM – Type in personal information and input credit/debit card information.
  3. SCROLL DOWN TO COMMENTS – Enter in Officer(s) Names & Jurisdiction or direct us to choose the officer(s) for you. Our foundation supports officers in the following counties: Marion, Johnson, Morgan, Hendricks, Hamilton, Shelby, Hancock and Boone counties.
  4. INCLUDE IN COMMENTS: ANONYMOUS if you do not want your name on the gift to officer(s)

Should you run into any technical difficulties please contact Executive Director Lisa Rollings at 317-771-1605 or email her at

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