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Mylar Blankets

In the Fall, CIPF supplied area law enforcement officers with mylar blankets. These blankets are used for when officers transport other injured officers or victims in their cars. The blankets are used to keep their body temperatures up in a situation of blood loss.

According to Insider First Aid, Mylar blankets are useful to First Responders because they can reflect back to the wearer up to 90% of their own body heat. In situations of low temperatures, hypothermia can set in quickly especially if the victim is wet so these blankets help to insulate the person. In situations of blood loss, hypothermia can also occur because the body uses blood to help regulate its temperature and a large loss of blood leads to a loss of control of the heat distribution in the body.

The blankets, provided by CIPF, are small and come folded up in these clear, plastic containers which make them easy for our law enforcement officers to store and keep handy in their vehicles.

The picture on the right, shows Pam Warren of FOP 86 modeling the blanket at its full size.

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