MCSO Employee Wellness Fund

MCSO employees need your support.

As we enter a new era of community justice, the Marion County Sheriff’s Office is also embarking on a new era of supportive health and wellness initiatives for its employees.

Faced with a consistent threat of violence, the employees of the Marion County Sheriff’s Office are exposed to high stress on a daily basis. In addition to the most dangerous people in the County, the Sheriff’s Office staff also provide care to the most mentally ill, who unfortunately wind up, again and again, in the criminal justice system.

Included in the plans for the new Jail are a Fitness Center and Wellness Room dedicated for MCSO staff. These spaces offer an incredible opportunity for MCSO employees to support their own health and wellness at no cost, while also providing space for wellness education.

In addition to health and wellness benefits, wellness programming has been shown to combat two major challenges for any public safety agency: recruitment and retention.

The men and women who work at the MCSO are critical to the safety of our community, and the individuals who are willing to serve in these roles and dedicated to this work are deserving of our support.

Expenses for equipment in the Fitness Center were not included in the construction of the Community Justice Campus. The MCSO has made significant progress in providing wellness and resilience resources to employees, however, there is no guaranteed funding for those programs.

It is for these reasons that the MCSO Employee Wellness Fund has been established in partnership with the Central Indiana Police Foundation.

Thank you for your support. 

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