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IMPD Canine Section

IMPD’s Canine Section is one of the finest in the country. It includes K9 teams trained in felony apprehension, narcotics detection, and explosive detection.

Selection and Training

Both the human and canine members of the Canine Section’s dog teams are carefully selected and trained for their duties. The selection of officers for the Canine Section involves a multi-phased assessment process that includes a physical exam, physical agility testing, written exam, interview, and background investigation.
Because the police dogs live with their handler, home facilities also are inspected. Family members and area residents are interviewed to insure there will be no concerns because of the police service dog being kenneled at the handler’s home.
The Canine Section uses formal training standards and operating procedures as recommended by national police and canine associations. In a typical year, IMPD’s dog teams are trained in excess of 5000 hours. This insures that the teams continue to meet Department-defined standards of proficiency.

The Dogs

Police dog candidates are selected for specific traits and drives. IMPD uses German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, and Dutch Shepherds for felony apprehension and narcotics detection. Labrador retrievers are used for explosive detection. Several dogs are dual-trained in felony apprehension and narcotics detection. Constant attention is given to the health and care of the Department’s dogs. The average active service life of a police dog is five to seven years.

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