The official memorial t-shirt and sticker, made and approved by the family of Lt. Aaron Allan and the Southport Police Department, will be available for sale beginning Monday, August 7th, 9AM, at the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 86, 1525 Shelby St. 100% of proceeds will go to the Lt. Aaron Allan Family Fund.  Shirts purchased at the FOP are $20; Stickers are $5.

Shirts and stickers can be purchased here online for an additional shipping and handling fee:  Shirts $25; Stickers $6

Official Lt. Aaron Allan Memorial T-Shirt

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Official Lt. Aaron Allan Memorial Sticker

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I will always get out of my car

In memory of Officer Perry Renn and all fallen heroes

By pledging I Will Always Get Out Of My Car™, our local police officers want the community to know that they are, more than ever, ready and willing to stand up to crime and risk their own safety to protect that of the community.

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