Help IMPD Officers Be Well

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) recognizes the potential impact of the stress and trauma of the law enforcement experience.  If officers are to have successful careers they must maintain healthy habits and be proactive in overcoming challenges in their personal and professional lives.  

Programs designed and managed by the Office of Professional Development and Wellness (ODPW) assist in guiding and enhancing an officer’s personal and professional development.  The OPDW provides professional and confidential resources to officers and their families.  The confidentiality has been explicitly addressed and protected by state lawmakers in 2017 through House Enrolled Act 1122. The OPDW maintains relationships with trusted, culturally competent professionals in a variety of disciplines including but not limited to therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, medical doctors and treatment centers.  The goal of these relationships is to provide officers and their families with the best resources available to meet their needs.

In addition to professional resources, the OPDW provides peer support to officers and their families as they pursue flourishing in their lives.  The OPDW walks with officers as they address issues such as work-life balance, fitness goals, resiliency, stress inoculation, sleep hygiene, financial literacy and relationship issues.

IMPD OPDW Proactive, Resilience Building Programs:

  • Mentor Program – 175 active mentors who volunteer their time to assist recruits in personal and professional development
  • Wounded Guardian – Mission: lessen the stress that long term injuries cause through assistance with every day needs ranging from errand running to rides to appointments
  • Therapy Dogs – Officer Augustus & Officer Allie – Therapy dogs can improve a person’s mood and increase their feeling of well-being as well as lowering blood pressure/heart rate
  • Symposiums – Education about a myriad of different culturally appropriate topics/trends
  • Front Line Support Academy – An eight-hour block of training for our recruits and their support system about the potential impact a career in law enforcement


Please assist us with providing treatment etc. that our budget and insurance does not cover.


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