A Walk Through Leadership on Our Country’s Common Ground

The Gettysburg Battlefield,

Valley Forge, the National Cemetery, and the Flight 93 Memorial

June  23rd  – 27th, 2024


In the Footsteps of Leaders:

Real people.  Real decisions.  Real outcomes.


You will experience both Valley Forge and the Gettysburg Battlefield and learn leadership lessons which are still valid today.

The Graduates of the Leadership Academy recognize the significance of the decisions made by, and the lessons learned from the leaders in both the Continental Armies winter encampment and at the Battle of Gettysburg.  We review the decisions made and the leadership styles which were successful as well as those which brought defeat and loss during the conflicts.  Rather than focusing solely on the difficulties of preserving an Army combating disease, a lack of supplies, and little proper training at Valley Forge, or concentrating on the military strategy of the Gettysburg battle, the lessons offered on this tour emphasize an essential principal of decision-making, emphasizing the original intent of the people and the successful outcomes and failures based on those decisions.

Leadership Academy graduates and those individuals just interested in being better leaders will be able to apply the Leadership Test of ‘Am I – doing the Right Thing, at the Right Time, in the Right Way and for the Right Reason?’©  Attendees will be able to practice the act of ‘gentle pressure relentlessly applied’ to leadership situations in their daily life.

Mr. Joe Jacobs will be the guide for our tour of Valley Forge.  He is an expert in Revolutionary War history and has conducted tours of Revolutionary War sites in the Northeastern United States.

Mr. Paul Marcone will be joining us on Tuesday the 25th for our tour of the Gettysburg Battlefield.  He is a leadership instructor at the Northern Virginia Law Enforcement Academy and routinely conducts leadership tours through Gettysburg.


Sunday, June 23rd,  0700 hours. Leave Indianapolis from the IMPD Academy, located at 901 N. Post Road with lunch along the way.

@ 1400 hours Visit the Flight 93 Memorial

@ 1830 hours Arrive in Gettysburg and check into the 1863 Inn of Gettysburg, which is located on Baltimore Street across from the National Cemetery and includes a full breakfast of Eggs, Sausage, Biscuits and Gravy, etc. Individuals will have supper in town at one of the restaurants nearby.

Monday, June 24th,  0730 hours – After breakfast at the hotel, travel to Valley Forge touring the 1777 – 1778 winter refuge of George Washington and the Continental Army.  Discover the Leadership Lessons Washington learned during his stay and discover how he created an army which was the match for the British.

@ 1300 hours – Lunch in the Valley Forge Encampment.

@ 1430 hours and board the bus to return to Gettysburg.  Debriefing of the tour on the bus by Mr. Jacobs.

@ 1630 hours arrive back in Gettysburg and supper open for everyone to explore any of the fine restaurants, shops, or activities in Gettysburg.

Tuesday, June 25th, 0700 hours – After completing breakfast at the motel, all attendees will board the bus for the Visitors Center, where we will be able to tour the Museum, the Book Store and experience the Cyclorama.

@ 1100 hours everyone takes the bus to the hotel area for lunch.  After lunch we will begin the tour of the Gettysburg Battlefield.  Upon completion of the first day’s activities the bus will take us to The Cemetery for a Memorial Service and to pay respects to the men who died in the Battle.  We will also have an initial debriefing by Mr. Marcone.

@ 1900 hours – Dinner on your own in town.

Wednesday, June 26th, 0800 hours – Complete breakfast at the motel.  Board the bus for the completion of the tour of the Gettysburg Battlefield.  At noon, there will be a picnic lunch on the battlefield.  Attendees are invited to ‘participate’ in Pickett’s Charge.

When complete, we will go to the Dobbin House Restaurant at 1800 hours, for a supper meal and a final tour debriefing by Mr. Marcone, which will include questions and answers.

Thursday, June 27th, 0730 hours – After breakfast at the hotel, board the bus for the return trip back to Indianapolis, lunch along the way, and at @ 2100m hours arrive back at the IMPD Training Academy.

Additional Items of Interest.   Note Prices are current as of 11/01/23, however, may change.

Film, Cyclorama and Museum Experience Includes Allow 45 minutes plus time in the museum Adult: $18.75 Seniors (65+) and Veterans: $17.75   Youth (ages 6-12): $8.50 (Group Discounts)  $16.75       Museum Experience only:: $12.75   We encourage you to view the three videos in the museum covering the three days of the battle, as they give great insight into what you will hear on the battlefield tour.

Gettysburg’s Farnsworth House Inn See one of the most haunted houses in America.  The house sheltered Confederate sharpshooters during the conflict.  More than 100 bullet holes pock the walls. Following the battle, the house served as a hospital.  Ghost tours begin at $8.00 and up.

Antique and Historical Stores Too numerous to mention in the downtown and surrounding areas.

Join the IMPD Leadership Academy and learn the decisions and the leadership principles which would lead to a union victory and the salvation of a nation.  Experience the lessons of George Washington in turning a volunteer militia into The U S Army.  Learn to make decisions which will improve your leadership abilities.  The trip, hotel (double occupancy), guidance on the battlefield, box lunches and main meals are all included for:

$ 700  per Person

The meals denoted in red are the responsibility of each person.  At an additional expense you may opt for a single room.  There are a limited number so we will need to know quickly. Please email Kaitlynn for pricing!

Payments may be made by check or credit / debit card.

Checks should be made out to: The Central Indiana Police Foundation with the notation Gettysburg on the memo line and sent to The Central Indiana Police Foundation, 1525 S. Shelby Street, Indianapolis IN, 46203. 

Credit / Debit payments may be made by going to The Central Indiana Police Foundation website by typing in:

cipf.foundation  –  Once on the website go to https://cipf.foundation/impd-leadership-academy-annual-trip-gettysburg/.


For more information or clarification please contact:  Kaitlynn Rhude

E-mail: (Preferred)  Kaitlynn.rhude@indy.gov   Phone:  317.650.3090


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