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Greenwood Boy Scout Troup 161

CIPF was happy to provide programming for the Greenwood Boy Scout Troup 161.

IMPD Officer Adam Staab came in on his day off to talk with the kids and parents. The kids were able to explore his police cruiser! This was a big hit. They learned about the special tools in the car to help officers in doing their jobs. They really enjoyed turning on the police lights and sirens! Greenwood K9 Officer Josh Rush brought his partner over and showed off a few of his tricks.

Retired IMPD Officer Randy Staab talked with the kids about the CIPF Trauma Kits and had them assemble 60 kits which will be donated to local officers. 

 Officer Adam had used his kit to save a man with a gunshot wound the week prior. He shared how the tools in the kit can assist in stopping bleeding until the EMT’s are able to get on scene.

It was a memorable experience for the parents and kids. Officers enjoy having these opportunities to share about their work and show the community they care for them and love to serve.

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