Assist us with an emotional Support K9 for IMPD’s Victim Assistance Unit

This is a picture of a therapy dog that is the breed we plan to purchase. We will update with a picture of our K9 once we have him/her in our family.

The mission of the IMPD Therapy Dog Program is to assist and enrich the response to trauma and burnout both internally and externally.

  • Externally: Therapy dogs will be utilized on-scene or during meetings/interviews with victims when appropriate to address symptoms of trauma and victimization.
  • Internally: Therapy dogs will be utilized within the Department to increase morale and mental health well-being and reduce feelings of burnout and vicarious trauma that officers and victim services professionals can experience while on the job.

Your donation will help us with ongoing needs and care of our community Therapy Dog. We are grateful for your support.

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