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CIPF Supports Breathwork Training for Officers

Last year we shared about the work Jesse Coomer is doing with breathwork and how CIPF feels this is beneficial to first responders and especially our Central Indiana police officers. Coomer hosts these special workshops for first responders on breathwork and how it can be a helpful stress management and coping mechanism for them. This year, CIPF is taking on a larger role in promoting Coomer’s work and making it more accessible to our law enforcement officers.

In a recent interview with WTHR Channel 13, Master Patrol Officer Kari Pennington shared her experience with the breathwork training and how impactful and a critical tool for herself and fellow officers to have in their toolbelt. The course Pennington is in is about 20 weeks and she’s excited to take what  she’s learning and share it with her fellow officers. After completing this course, Pennington will be certified to teach other IMPD officers and recruits these breathwork techniques. The picture on the right shows Pennington taking part in an ice bath which is one part of the training. With the help of CIPF, over 100 police officers will benefit from this training this year and our goal is to expand this to officers all throughout our territory.

This spring there is a breathwork retreat in Indiana designed for first responders and public safety officials and CIPF will be sponsoring a few officers to attend. “This mid-week 3-day intensive training is fully designed to help you learn to breathe in a manner that builds a foundation for optimal physical and mental performance. In a profession that has you in a constant state of heightened awareness the body can take a beating, physically and mentally. Learn techniques that will help heal your body naturally and allow you to handle those daily stressors with a cool and calm composure allowing your body and mind to also stay cool and calm, keeping you equipped for prime performance.” We believe that attending this retreat will be beneficial to our officers as evident from Sergeant Jered (Jd) Hidlebaugh, who attended a past retreat in Minnesota with the help of CIPF. “The breathwork practice we learned, and continue to learn, from Jesse Coomer and Jared McKee during this retreat has already positively affected my life both professionally and personally,” said Hidlebaugh.  Hidlebaugh also said he looks “forward to continuing my breathwork journey and practice over the course of the rest of my life as well as introducing others to the amazing benefits that breathwork can have.” With each officer that learns breathwork and benefits from it, has a growing and outward reach to other officers.

CIPF looks forward to supporting more of this training, reaching more officers, and having a positive impact on the law enforcement officers of Central Indiana.

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