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CIPF Helps IMPD Purchase Drones

One way CIPF supports our local law enforcement is by providing grants to departments. We recently helped IMPD and the Marion County Sheriff’s office purchase drones for assisting in solving crimes in our community. Drones are one way IMPD has been transitioning their aviation unit from helicopters. Sgt. Ron Shelnutt, commander of IMPD’s aviation unit, says they have 12 drones and 13 pilots.

Drones with heat sensing technology were used to find the perpetrator who is believed to have shot IMPD Officer Tommy Mangan. He was hiding in a backyard when the drone picked up his heat image. They have also been used to find seniors with dementia, assist K9 Teams, and more.

(Photo credit WTHR)

This unit and their new drone technology was recently covered by WTHR Channel 13 news. You can read the story and watch the video here.

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