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Central Indiana Police Foundation’s trauma kits are on the move!

CIPF has been supplying trauma kits to officers throughout Central Indiana for a long time but now we’re trying to expand our reach. CIPF partnered with the Indiana University Police Academy to train new officers on how to use the tools in the CIPF trauma kit on August 12, 2021.

This was the first deployment of trauma kits beyond Central Indiana as part of CIPF’s Southern Indiana Trauma Kit Project. The training was led by Mark Greatbatch of the Indianapolis Fire Department. He explained what items were included in the kit, how to use each item, practicing using some of the items, and more life saving information for first responders.

We brought in a videographer to record this training. Once edited, it will be used as a training guide for each new department’s trainer. Then that trainer can provide in person training for his/her team of officers expecting to receive a Trauma Kit.

The trauma kits cost $100 each and include an oral airway, OLAES bandage, CAT tourniquet, gloves, and scissors. Your donations are vital in continuing to equip officers in Central Indiana and beyond with these life saving supplies.

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