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Back the Line

This year, 2020, has been a tremulous time for many of us. Our first responders have been hit especially hard as they are “essential employees” and cannot just stay at home. Our local law enforcement officers have been working day and night to help keep us safe and respond to emergencies. CIPF knew it needed to do something and offer our continued support to our officers and that is how our #BackTheLine campaign was born.

Through our #BackTheLine campaign, we have provided PPE for our officers, bought them lunch, and given them some much needed encouragement. The #BackTheLine fund created by CIPF has given the public the opportunity to help us in our efforts to back the line. With your donations, we have helped feed and protect our officers during this ongoing pandemic.

One other thing that our #BackTheLine campaign has spearheaded has been offering encouragement to our officers. CIPF asked for the community to send in their notes of encouragement for the police and we have taken those to police departments all over Central Indiana. We also created #BackTheLine yard signs that we put out in front of the police departments to show our appreciation and support.

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